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Support your dental health after bariatric surgery and prevent teeth loss with these 3 simple steps

Scientifically developed to support the health of your teeth and gums

Even among A+ patients who brush, floss and see a dentist as directed, dental issues are a growing problem in the bariatric community. 


And even loss of teeth!


Gum disease

How does the Peppermint Mouth Reset work?

Probiotics crowd out bad bacteria

Fights bone loss to keep your teeth where they belong

Relieves dry mouth

Buffers your oral acid balance

Hydrates your mouth by stimulating salivation

“Bariatric surgery probably saved my life. However, I am now having terrible dental problems — chipping teeth, breaking teeth, teeth that are loose, teeth that must be pulled — and I am angry about it. No one ever said to me that after surgery you might lose your teeth!”


“I am 47 years old, and my teeth are so bad now after numerous root canals, crowns, extractions (9 teeth so far) and more. My teeth are so brittle, they break off!”



“I have had to pay over $4,000 out of pocket to just have fillings, one crown, two extractions AND I have dental insurance.”

The Journey Smile Saving System has been developed with Dr. Scott Corry

              I am a general dentist and have practiced for 32 years. Over the years, I have had many patients who have elected to have bariatric surgery. Although the surgery has been a great success for their overall health, I began to notice some very troubling problems in the oral cavity – greater tooth sensitivity, increased tooth decay in their natural teeth, as well as previous dental restorations, a rise in gum disease, and for some, the loss of teeth. 

Although most of these patients had been vigilant in their routine dental visits, these problems continued to progress. The environment of the oral cavity changes drastically post-surgery.

I am a dentist and have been practicing for over 25 years. Around 15 years ago, I began to notice that my patients who had gastric bypass surgery began to have tooth problems about 3 years after surgery.

It would start out as caries on a few teeth and then proceed to rampant caries over a year to two years. Some of these patients had never had a cavity before the surgery. I have seen approximately 25 patients over the last 15 years with this problem. Six of them no longer have teeth, ten of them have most of their teeth gone, and nine of them are missing a few teeth with many fillings.

Dr Barry Lejeune DDS

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Use as directed. Do not exceed recommended dose. If pregnant, lactating, taking prescription medication or if you have an immune-compromised condition, seek your Physician’s advice before use. If problems arise see your healthcare professional.

I spoke to the staff of the local surgeon and they would not listen to me that there was a problem. They believed that it was the patients not telling the truth about getting their blood work done and their vitamin levels were not being controlled. 

I know that vitamins have nothing to do with getting cavities and is not part of the cavity process. There is something going on that has not been addressed.

Healthy bacteria crowds out the bad bacteria responsible for cavities and gum disease.

Inhibits bad bacteria, providing protection against them coming back - it’s like a ‘forcefield’ around your teeth and gums.

How Step 1 with BLIS M18™ WORKS



Produces an enzyme that helps dissolve and loosen the biofilm and sticky deposits that can lead to big problems.

Xylitol inhibits growth of the oral bacteria that can lead to periodontitis, dry mouth and bad breath.



Every day you wait is causing your teeth potential damage

Tames your 'Garbage Mouth'

What are other dentists saying about post-bariatric surgery dental health?

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Recommended for ages 3 and over. Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.
No refrigeration needed. Store in a cool (<77°F), dry place and out of sunlight.




I am proud that we have developed the Journey Smile Saving System as a way to halt and even support reversal of the damage that has been robbing my patients and other bariatric post-ops of their much deserved happiness.

Dissolve one Peppermint Mouth Reset (with BLIS M18™ oral probiotics) lozenge in your mouth after brushing and flossing at bedtime.

"This post op has excellent dental habits and had perfect white teeth, but acid pH and issues we see with ‘Bariatric Mouth’ have demineralized tooth enamel where soft dark dentin shows through. 

Her weakened tooth structure is at great risk for cavities and breakage."

Has your mouth gone south since bariatric surgery?

It's not your fault!


Order Peppermint Mouth Reset today!

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Are you brushing, flossing and taking vitamins like it’s your job and yet still spending hundreds (maybe thousands) on dental work?

How to use Peppermint Mouth Reset:

But there's HOPE...

It’s not about hygiene or even about vitamins. It’s matter of balance – your mouth’s balance. 

When the pH balance in your mouth is off, bacteria grows at a faster rate and does greater damage. 

This means dry mouth, receding gums and weakened enamel.


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Prevent your future dental problems

Save your smile!


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Developed by dental experts to combat the common consequences of bariatric surgery

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Four powerhouse oral probiotics including BLIS M18™ S. salivarius, crowd out undesirable bacteria to address the root cause of unhealthy gums and loss of teeth. 

Dissolve one lozenge in the mouth after brushing and flossing at bedtime.


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Delicious Strawberry Mint flavor!


My teeth are more fragile

and I've needed several root canals with crowns because of the cavity being so large or the tooth breaking apart.

Taking care of your smile today helps prevent expensive dental bills tomorrow

Thousands of post-ops in our online community report:

I am frustrated and tired of spending so much money!

I had gastric bypass 10 years ago. About 6 years ago, I started having significant dental problems.


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